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Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineTestimonials

I was only in my early 50's and my back hurt, I needed knee replacement surgery, my feet and legs hurt and my toes on one foot had recently gone numb. I had swollen ankles and hot flashes surged through my body every few minutes. Medical doctors prescribed more tests, more medication, and with each pill's side effects worsened a present sympton or caused a new one. Then one day God led me to Greg, a passionate and skilled acupuncturist. Greg patiently explained how his approach to my diagnosis and treatment would be entirely different and I began experiencing the mystic healing of Acupuncture. After a few treatments, my back, leg, and knee pain vanished, my feet felt better, and my hot flashes subsided. After more treatments the numbness left, the edema lessened, and I walked through Wal-Mart pain free!! This past winter Greg's treatments relieved me of my sinus problems and severe shoulder and neck pain, giving me back the full mobility of my arm. I praise God for allowing me to experience healing in such a natural way. The only side effects I've experienced are more energy, a positive attitude, and a wonderful feeling of wellness and harmony.  Lavada Koehn

Hey people, Acupuncture really works!! In December of 2006 I had a cat scan done and discovered a softball-sized tumor. A friend told me about Acupuncture treatments so I decided to give it a try. I started my treatment in January 2007, and I returned for another Cat Scan in March and the tumor had been reduced to the size of a pea! With several more treatments and a return for a Cat Scan, the tumor was gone. So please do not laugh at acupuncture, give it a try.  Renee Hidlebaugh

My name is Daurice Fiel, and I live in Shattuck, Oklahoma. I have been a patient of Dr. Greg Ross for 4 years. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disk Disease, and Arthritis. It would take hours on the operating table and countless months in rehab to correct my back problems. I am 68 years old, and that is not an option. The first time I saw Greg I was using a walker, and my husband was helping me. My hands were broken out and weeping with Eczema. After two treatments the Eczema had cleared up, and on the seventh treatment I was able to walk out of his office without the use of my walker. I am in pain management which includes Greg's Acupuncture. I would be in a wheelchair today without Greg's expertise in Acupuncture. Daurice Fiel

Since I have been coming to Dr. Ross, my outlook on life has changed. I had gotten to the point where I had given up! Doctors had told me I would never be any better than what I was, and I was told my lungs would never be any better. They wanted me to have Gastric By-pass Surgery, and most likely I would not make it through surgery. I was on oxygen 24/7 and could not walk from one end of my house to the other without having to sit down to get my wind. I could not stand for very long periods of time, and if I walked from my house to the garage, I did not have enough strenght to get into the pickup. My first visit to Dr. Ross, I was using a portable oxygen bottle just to get to his office. After a month, I am now only using oxygen to sleep, or when I over do things. I feel like moving, doing housework, and even working in my yard, planting flowers. Dr. Ross is great!! I have been able to do more in the last month than I have in over a year. Norma brown

My husband and I cannot say how much Greg has helped us. Instead of going to a Medical Doctor and getting drugs for pain, we choose to go to Greg first. I have problems with my lower back and problems with my neck. Just recently I had problems with my shoulder and just about waited to long to have Greg treat it. But I have had 3 treatments and I almost have full range of motion again. My husband has had problems with his shoulder and his back. I started with Acupuncture in Oklahoma City years ago, and we both have had Acupuncture treatments done in Nevada. We both are very much aware of how much Acupuncture can help and most of all take care of our problems. We are verry blessed to have Greg in our community. He is dedicated to healing and helping each and every one of his patients. Thank you Greg! Jim and Karen Stokes

I was experiencing quite a lot of neck pain due to various auto and horse accidents. it was bothering me so much that my husband finally said I needed to do SOMETHING about it because he was tired of me constantly rubbing my neck. I also had pain in my foot causing me to limp, pain in my elbow, and rotator cuff as well. My husband and I had been referred to Greg Ross Acupuncture Clinic by a previous neck patient of Greg's. Greg had helped my husband with leg and hip pain that had been going on for years, but most dramatically alleviated his breathing difficulties. I had had such a positive experience just being in the clinic and specking with Greg and Carol that I had no qualms about giving acupuncture a try.All of my pain was very much reduced after the first treatment. Through subsequent treatments, (and exercises that Greg recommends), the pains have basically gone away. The neck pain will require occasional treatment I believe, but there have been 50+ years of abuse that has to be overcome. I was really considering possibly having to have surgery before Greg began the acupuncture treatments, and I truly did not want that. Both Greg and Carol minister to the mind as well as the body, and I've always felt uplifted spiritually as well as physically whenever I've visited the clinic. I'm very thankfull that my husband and I were shown the way to Greg Ross Acupuncture Clinic. It's been a blessing. Stacy Robison, Enid

Ever since I was young, I had really severe headaches. As I got older my headaches grew also, migranes! I would have them anywhere from sometimes once a week to once a month. They were usually pretty severe, with being very sensative to lights, my head felt like it was in a vise, I would throw-up, my head just pounded! I heard about Acupuncture through a friend, he recommended Greg Ross. I started going once a week, and with every treatment I would start feeling better and better, the headaches became less and less and after several months of treatments they were gone! Thank God. I suffered from seasonal allergies and the Doc put me on a formula called Magnolia Clear Sinus for allergies. This herb is the best! I had been on over the counter meds and prescriptions for a long time, some worked good at first, but then I built up an immunity to them, or with the side effects, I just couldn't take them anymore. Whenever I have problems with my allergies I take the herb until the symptoms go away and then quit taking it. There are so many benefits you get from Acupuncture, so if you really want to make headway in your healing, please call Greg Ross, and experience his healing power through Acupuncture. Carol Conley

Months after having a Root Canal done on a back tooth, I started to have a problem with that area of my mouth. Even though I made several trips back to the dentist, it didn't help. I went to a periodontist, an MD, and a neurologist.The "sparkler" like pain continued for several years and then the pain gradually got worse. There is no known cure for "Trigeminal Neurology", which I was diagnosed with. Also known as Ticdelarue. So I had heard that Greg Ross was coming to Enid two days a week, so I decided to try Acupuncture. After two years of pain, "plus", I went to Greg and after five treatments I was and still am pain-free. I am now going on three years. Acupuncture was a great quest for me. Norma Jean Gilbert

I am 27 years of age and I passed out and hit the ground hard, because of this I have been living with a Hiatal Hernia and severe pain in my neck that's been going on for five months from a Herniated disc. I'll start with my neck pain because that is the reason I decided to go. I have been to a Chiropractor since the fall and he helped with some of the pain, but I was also having numbness, tingling, shooting pains, like pins and needles sensations through both of my arms and my neck all the time, after one treatment, the symptoms were almost completely gone and I had full range of motion in my neck for the first time since my fall. I still have tingles but very rarely and they do not last long. That alone was worth the trip, I still have neck pain, but I have only been twice and I honestly feel it is getting better for the first time. On to the Hiatal Hernia, the Hernia has caused severe indigestion resulting in constant burping and pressure which makes it feel like I am having a Heart attack. I could hardly sleep and I get dizzy, with headaches and have heart palpations, it is just miserable. I have been on Prolosec, prescribed by my Doctor, but it doesn't seem to help at all. My Doctor suggests surgery to fix the opening in my Diaphragm, so I was excited when Dr. Ross said it was possible for him to help with this as well without the surgery. Along with the physical symptoms I have been moody, angry, sad, lethargic, and just overall miserable. With the first treatment my mood improved and I had more energy. I have been sleeping and with slight modifications in my diet, I have been able to eat  without feeling like I am dying. I still have good days and bad days, but I'm only two treatments in and I honestly believe that it is helping. I would recommand Acupuncture to anybody. On top of helping my symptoms and easing my pain, it is truly relaxing and enjoyable. AV

Dr. Greg Ross is an amazing healer. I had bursitis in my shoulder and dealt with the pain for over ten years. after 4-5 treatments with Greg the pain was gone! Years later my other shoulder started hurting, so I went to see Greg and got the same results. Pain gone!! When my wife and I started seeing each other she complained of lower back pain all the time and she had been dealing with it for twenty plus years. I took her to see Greg, she was scared to even go in his office because she had never heard of Acupuncture and didn't think it would work. We bickered back and forth and I finally convinced her to go in. Several treatments more pain!! She thanks me all the time for making her go in. Greg truly cares about people and he's a good man. He has an amazing gift from God and he has helped many people. Go see him if you have pain, if you can get in. He was booked solid last time I saw him in March 2015.  RP


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