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Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineHello my name is Greg Ross, I've been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for 20 years and Martial Arts for 46 years. My first introduction to the Asian culture was at  the age of eleven years. At that time I was introduced to my 1st teacher, Shougeki from Seoul, Korea.
I realized at that moment of my first training that my life had changed and I would ever be devoted to understanding everything I could regarding their culture and Shaolin way.
Some of the Shaolin monks became Qi-gong doctors. At that time, doctors were not available in the temples to treat their injuries and other ailments. To understand more of my Martial Arts, I took up the study of Chinese Medicine.  " One helps understand the other ".
During the course of 46 years, I've had many teachers, and I reach out to those now and those who have passed. I am in debt to all of them, because without them my evolution, involvment, and understanding would and could not have unfolded. To them I bow with great graditude and respect.
To list them, past, present, direct and indirectly would be many. To list some: William H. Mays, Akira Kawakami, Tim Bergdall, Ted Kaptchuk, Stephen Birch, Nigel Wiseman, Seikichi Toguchi, Bob Flaws, Dr. Michael Richards, Dr. Scott Rigsbee, Chuck Clark, Yoshio Manaka MD, Dr. So; Founder of the New England Acupuncture College, and many more as they know who they are. But one who stands among these, for without him, my Chinese Medicine would not have taken root. He will be forever in my heart and my treatment of others, Clark A. Manning, may your spirit be at rest and may you continue on with your journey helping others along your path, wherever and whatever that might entail.

The original Chinese healing tradition focus is on restoring the balance within the body, mind, spirit, and enviroment. The key to restoring this balance is to restore the flow of energy within the body.
The Chinese word for this vital energy of life force is "qi" pronunced "chee". The Chinese idiogram for energy, Chi-Qi. It depicts the lid of a pot being raised by steam while on fire, it is not the steam, but the force of energy of the steam which lifts the lid, this is qi.
This energy flows throughout the body in a network and links all the vital organs with other parts of the body. It is only fitting to name our clinic the Qi-Do-Dragon Acupuncture Clinic. Qi meaning " energy ", Do meaning " way ", and Dragon meaning " energy, strength, new creation ", the way of the energetic dragon.
Our mission is to restore your health, "Creating a new creation within you".

Greg Ross Acupuncture Clinic